Why We’re Different

Overbrook, a horizontally integrated independent professional services firm, provides business improvement services for a diverse range of laboratories throughout North America and the world. Founded in 2001, the firm is known for its knowledge, breadth of experience and high level of customer service.

Clients include laboratories in Life Sciences, Environmental, Biotech. Clinical, Pharmaceuticals and Material testing, emerging growth/start-ups and mature global and  government agencies.

    Capabilities and services include:

  • Qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ) that meet regulatory compliance, and withstand audits
  • Advisory services that improve decision making.
  • Relocation services that enable labs to be up and running on time and on budget.
  • Strategic sourcing & placement that ensures analytical technology is current at a fair price.
  • Choice of Maintenance services to ensure your instrumentation performs on time, as needed
  • Product marketing solutions to build business value and sales based on proven processes
  • Instrumentation replacement planning, procurement and management
  • Capital asset planning services to ensure business aligns with the science
  • Custom research services and analysis when you don’t have the resources, time or expertise
  • Consulting services like CLIA certification assistance