Laser Diode Thermal Desorption - Application Notes


There are more than 5 million chemicals today, and roughly 100,000 of them are frequently used. Many of these chemicals are ultimately released into the environment and may cause adverse effects to ecosystems and human health. The purity of drinking water, measuring indoor air quality, responding to natural or man-made disasters, or identifying emerging contaminants is the subject that we are all exposed to. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) exist in water, soil, air or food.

Fate of anti-inflammatory drug dilofenac in municipal wastewater treatment plant: quantification using LDTD coupled with tandem mass spectrometry

  • Partnership: INRS-FTE University du Quebec (Quebec, Canada), C02 Solutions, Inc (Quebec, Canada), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NB
  • Molecules: Diclofenac
  • Matrix: Wastewater
  • Extraction Method: SPE using C18 Cartridges
  • Instrumentation: Thermo Vantage MS
  • No. Code: 310

Cross validation between LDTD-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS for 5 neonicotinoids insecticides in water

  • Partnership: n/a
  • Molecules: Neonicotinoids
  • Matrix: Water
  • Extraction Method: Salt Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction (SALLE)
  • Instrumentation: AB Sciex 5500 QTrap
  • No. Code: 307

An Evaluation of a Novel MS Interface For Rapid High-Throughput Pesticide Analysis

  • Partnership: Smithers Viscient, Phytronix, AB Sciex
  • Molecules: Diflubenzuron, Linuron, Azoxystrobin
  • Matrix:
  • Extraction Method:
  • Instrumentation: AB Sciex 5600
  • No. Code:

Ultra-fast profiling of C2O-C60 Alkanes in waxed samples using LDTD-MS/MS

  • Partnership: N/A
  • Molecules: Pentacosane
  • Matrix: Oil waxes
  • Extraction Method: Hexane solution
  • Instrumentation: AB Sciex QTRAP 5500
  • No. Code: TP607

Rapid and selective MS/MS method for quantification of light sensitive chlortetracycline drug in wastewater and sludge using LDTD ion source

  • Partnership: N/A
  • Molecules: Chlortetracycline
  • Matrix: Wastewater, Wastewater sludge
  • Extraction Method: Solid Phase Extraction
  • Instrumentation: ABSciex API 5500 QTRAP
  • No. Code: 656

Ultra-fast LDTD-APCL-MS/MS analysis of estrogens in chlorinated drinking water and the impact of bromide on the oxidization kinetics

  • Partnership: Universite de Montreal, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Molecules: Stenoid hormones
  • Matrix: Water (natural, surface, spring)
  • Extraction Method: N/A
  • Instrumentation: Thermo Quantum Ultra AM
  • No. Code: 565

Environmental analysis of poly- and perfluoralkyl compounds using a Q-Exactive Orbitrap: optimization for a laser diode thermal desorption method

  • Partnership: Universite de Bordeaux, Universite de Montreal, McGill University
  • Molecules: Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl
  • Matrix: Wastewater
  • Extraction Method: N/A
  • Instrumentation: Orbitrap Q-Exactive
  • No. Code: N/A

High-Throughput analysis method for straight chain alkanes Using LDTD-MS/MS

  • Partnership: None
  • Molecules: Pentacosane, Hexacosane
  • Matrix: Neat
  • Extraction Method: N/A
  • Instrumentation: AB Sciex Qtrap 5500
  • No. Code: 1303

Determination of HMX, RDX, and TNT Using LDTD-APCI MS/MS Detection : 10 seconds per sample

  • Partnership: RDDC Valcartier
  • Molecules: HMX, RDX, TNT
  • Matrix: Water
  • Extraction Method: Dilution
  • Instrumentation: Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra AM
  • No. Code: 0707

Environmental Analysis of Air, Water, and Soil using LDTD-APCI MS/MS

  • Partnership: Unknown
  • Molecules: n-Phenol, Cyclohexanone, n-Amyl acetate, Toluene, n-Byturaldehyde, CS2 (Carbon Dioxide), Hexachlorobenzene, Acetic acid, Cyanidric acid, Diisopropyl methylphosphonate
  • Matrix: Air, Soil, Water
  • Extraction Method: Liquid-Liquid for Soil
  • Instrumentation: Thermo
  • No. Code: 0703