Endicott College Lab Relocation Performed by Overbrook Support Services

(April 24, 2014. Boston, MA)  The Life Science Consortium of North Shore (LSCNS) (http://www.lscnorthshore.org ) continues to expand and grow.  The recent relocation of analytical instrumentation for the Chemical Analysis & Instrumentation Lab at Endicott College is now housed in the new $17 million School of Business and Science Center is evidence of this effort.

Gene Wong, PhD, Dean, School of Arts & Science worked for almost a year to try and plan the relocation of Endicott’s instrumentation suite and subsequent servicing, and experienced significant challenges in response times from the vendor initially contacted to assist with the project.  With a deadline fast approaching, and without resolution, he contacted North Shore InnoVentures, one of the founding members of the LSCNS, and got in touch with Overbrook Support Services (http://www.theoverbrookgroup.com). Overbrook is a professional services firm that conducts moves/relocations of analytical instrumentation for industry, academia, and research institutions nationwide.

Overbrook assisted in taking care of Dr. Wong’s needs.  A scope of work, pricing, schedule, plan and shortly thereafter, relocation of his mass spectrometry and chromatography instrumentation was conducted.  Working with Endicott contracted movers, Overbrook conducted an onsite walk through and within a matter of days, performed the de-installation, move, and re-installation.  Then Overbrook provided full maintenance and operation of the instrumentation to Dr. Wong’s satisfaction.

About Overbrook

Overbrook, an independent professional services firm consisting of three operating groups, provides business improvement services for a diverse range of laboratories throughout North America and the world. Founded in 2001, the firm is known for its knowledge, breadth of experience and high level of customer service.

About Endicott College

Located in Beverly, Massachusetts on 235 acres of oceanfront property, Endicott College was founded in 1939, and provides an education built upon a combination of theory and practice, which is tested through internships and work experience.  Studying at the Beverly campus, regionally, and internationally are approximately 2,400 undergraduate and more than 2,600 adult and graduate students. For more information, visit www.endicott.edu.

About The Life Science Consortium of North Shore (LSCNS)

The LSCNS, formerly established in 2012, is a burgeoning innovative business and science initiative which serves the student body of Endicott College, Gordon College, Salem State University, and North Shore Community College along with North Shore InnoVentures (www.nsiv.org),  a biotech and cleantech incubator serving entrepreneurs and directed by Martha Farmer, PhD.  Workforce development and training along with collaborative industry support are driving the program for the North Shore academic community.