No move is easy. But when your lab is moving, we can make it easier

Our relocation managers understand moves.  Relocations are never easy.  But when your lab is looking to relocate, we can make it easier.

Whether it’s at the pre-move planning phase, the move itself and/or the post-move phase, we know how to make a move work out for you.

Overbrook Support Services can help plan the transition, work with all the stakeholders and make the move, at both origin and destination, and proceed through best practices if any glitches arise.

We develop relations with your in-house relocation team, develop a detailed scope of work so as to minimize the disruption as much as possible, and provide value-added services all along the way.  Overbrook Support Services receive high satisfaction ratings for relocations, delivering services on time, on budget, meeting or exceeding all expectations.  Because moving a lab is a whole lot different than any other move (coordinating everything from the proper plumbing of gases to confirming proper weight bearing loads of benches, etc.).  aside from the coordination and project management required for any move, we can even provide advise on workflow improvements at the new site so as to improve workload and workflow.

Contact Overbrook Support Services at 617-364-7683 today, or to answer your questions .