Custom Research Services

Total cost of ownership (TCO) for scientific instruments including price, spare parts and training were provided at a Petroleum Refinery Lab under construction in Saudi Arabia. The client of Overbrook Advisory Services is an internationally-ranked contractor of laboratory and technical facilities based in the Midwest that conducts construction engineering projects worldwide.

Laboratories in a global economy are not immune from rethinking their business model, processes and assumptions.  Marketing, product and services development is a challenge for any business to get right.  New technology does not sell itself.  Paying attention to marketing fundamentals can go a long way in making wise, educated decisions.  Knowing the competitive landscape, risks and rules of the game can help a company formulate a business plan that enables implementation that reaches or exceeds goal.

In today’s business climate, keeping up with the volumes of information, and making sense of it for decision making requires information management skills. To avoid bad decisions, management requires a means to capture, filter and deliver meaning.  Custom Research Services focuses on helping you reach your strategic goals by providing concrete and feasible recommendations geared to solving specific, tangible problems.

Information management is an asset – do you have the resources to profit it from it?

Our information researcher-analysts not only have advanced degrees in the sciences and/or business, but are also library and information specialists, which means they understand the business and/or scientific questions, and have the skills to efficiently source, understand and write about it.  In addition, they have expertise working with commercial grade databases and subscriptions, the Deep Web along with the free Web, so as to research and report out on issues that matter.  Both primary and secondary research is utilized, fitting to subject, budget and timelines.

Let our team of seasoned industry researcher analysts help you with your next custom research project.

Typical projects include the following areas of concentration:

  • Clinical engineering and bio medical equipment technology acquisition for hospitals and clinics
  • Site selection for laboratory expansion or relocation
  • Ingredient and API sourcing
  • Advanced social media monitoring and analysis: how consumers perceive of your brand
  • Know your customers (KYC)
  • Laboratory pricing in North America and international markets
  • Regulatory market landscape and assessment

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