Facility and Asset Appraisals

We provide comprehensive historical and/or current appraisals of individual and/or multiple analytical instrumentation including the entire facility’s assets. To do so, we use numerous information sources: proprietary database and historical record, first-hand knowledge of the marketplace, and draw on our relationships with OEMs, dealers, as well as maintenance, spare parts and service-related operational factors.

Objective appraisals support the decisions made by clients in their roles every day.

Our appraisals are used for a number of applications:

  • Bank appraisals
  • Asset redeployment
  • Financing decisions
  • Determination of Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Calculation of replacement costs
  • Insurance/liability
  • Disposal or replacement decisions
  • Planned capital acquisitions
  • Financing/leasing

A Massachusetts-based environmental lab planning to sell its entire business, wanted Fair Market Value (FMV) determination for its instrumentation in two categories: the whole business sold “as is”, or individual instruments refurbished and sold individually in a separate asset sale. Deliverable provided featured retail and secondary auction rates.

A Cambridge, Massachusetts-based advanced analytical mass spectrometry lab working with proteins and complex biologics characterization services requested a Fair Market Value (FMV) appraisal and audit of certain laboratory assets including mass spectrometers, protein sequencers and other high value assets used in proteomics. A succinct yet detailed appraisal was conducted and delivered in short order meeting the client’s request.