Healthcare Reimbursement Consulting Services

The Healthcare Reimbursement Consulting Services practice at Overbrook Advisory Services features strategic reimbursement planning, implementation and advise to clients in biotech and pharmaceutical, toxicology, clinical settings and medical devices. Consultant able to interface about reimbursement and coding matters with clinical staff, physicians/institutional providers, sales/marketing personnel, and private payers, along with Medical Directors, Policy Committees, CMS, Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care.

Reimbursement Due Diligence offering includes strategic planning on product and service development using latest laboratory reimbursement (2015) CPT codes and regulations. It also includes providing due diligence for investors or VC firms considering purchase of a laboratory.

New AMA 2015 reimbursement CPT code fundamentals:

  • What they are
  • Why they are necessary
  • How they are used
  • How they can be abused (and why this is dangerous)
  • Why they are so difficult to implement

(The CPT descriptive terminology and code numbers provide the most widely accepted medical nomenclature to describe medical, surgical and diagnostic services used to process claims, conduct research, evaluate healthcare utilizations, develop medical guidelines and other healthcare documentation).

Assist in new lab set up for billing services utilizing new coding systems.  Existing labs may also need assistance in the transition process. Claims denial coordination between lab and payer may be arranged.