Laboratory Planning & Design Consulting Services

The Laboratory Planning & Design Consulting Services practice concerns the planning, design, engineering, construction and operation of laboratory facilities.  Service implemented to improve performance, efficiently use resources, ensure safety of personnel, within Federal OSHA regulations and clinical laboratory compliance requirements.

It is suitable for numerous types of laboratories in any stage of development, from start-up to mature. Special attention is given to instrumentation and laboratory equipment selection and placement, so that process and procedures are maximized for efficiency. The practice focuses on performance improvements conducted with respect to facility MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) along with fire prevention, risks and hazards to personnel.  Deals with budget, infrastructure, future plans, regulations and corporate culture.  As such, projects include multiple regulatory standards: JHACO, CAP, CLIA, DEA, FDA, EPA, OSHA, NFPA and  cGLP regulations. CLIA and CAP inspection proofing is a special concentration provided.

Services include laboratory set-up, infrastructure development, laboratory quality management system (LQMS), documentation, staffing, training, implementation of testing services, auditing and continual improvement to ensure compliance with organization and government regulations. Work directly with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure completed laboratory space delivery on time and within budget.