Strategic Sourcing & Placement

We provide procurement recommendations and/or instrumentation based on scientific and business requirements, including financing and technology.

We serve as your trusted outsourced service provider for the instrumentation needs required on a local and/or worldwide basis. We offer instrument planning, procurement and management expertise to ensure that the right instrumentation configuration is obtained, matching the right scientific assets to your requirements. This is an approach to develop technology plans that is fitting to your facility and maintenance and utilization needs.

A life science company changed its scientific approach to the study of tumors, and as a result, needed to dispose of its recently acquired Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite. They turned to Overbrook Advisory Services to “find a new home” for this top-of-the-line Orbitrap system. The system ended up at a laboratory that had standardized its science around the Orbitrap technology, and easily welcomed another one.

Whether performed by Overbrook Support Services or one of its trusted partners, reconditioned Instrumentation sourced undergoes a rigorous appraisal and diagnostic process. If conducted by Overbrook Support Services, Overbrook Premium Certification (OPC) starts from the inside out, so you can be assured of receiving a fully functional instrument that is thoroughly reconditioned before delivery.

Overbrook Support Services works with all major manufacturers’ instrumentation and a wide variety of analytical and life science instrumentation.

A large Federal contractor on assignment with the US Department of Justice Criminal Division needed to evaluate, repair and upgrade scientific instrumentation including GCMS and data system, and a FTIR and data system and ship to a laboratory in Afghanistan. Bench repair was conducted by Overbrook Support Services in collaboration with Overbrook Advisory Services experts which handled the services relationship, prior to shipment overseas.


Overbrook Support Services Premium Certification includes the following protocols (as necessary):

  • Initial audit and inspection of general condition, service history and previous applications
  • Decommissioning and crating by qualified engineers and shippers
  • Audit and inspection upon arrival at our facility
  • Disassembly
  • Instrument cleaning and certification
  • Professional painting or replacement of panels and frame
  • Inspection of mechanical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulics
  • Components rebuilt
  • Components lubricated
  • Boards, tubing, valves, lamps, o-rings, gaskets and other component parts replaced
  • Re-assembly of instrument
  • Equipment testing for proper performance
  • Administrative and operational documentation completed and filed for reference