Bench Repair Services

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Contact us to learn how to best pack instrumentation prior to shipment and/or insurance options best suitable for sending us your instrumentation.

Bench Repair Services fulfill requirements for those labs where downtime is not such a concern but budget is.  We feature full workshop repair services for a wide variety of makes and models of analytical and life science instruments –  including bench level instruments essential to laboratory operations.

Instrument repairs can be performed on-site or at our full service analytical repair laboratory. Shipping your instrument to our facility for bench service can be a very economical way of getting your instruments repaired.

Ask about our repair services: we will provide complete shipping instructions and even send shipping materials to ensure your valuable equipment makes the round trip safely and securely. Contact us how best to pack instrumentation prior to shipment, and how best to insure for safe arrival.

For those that require bench repair services, we have you covered. Please fill out a reply form or call 855-782-4373 today.

For a US Government agency, we were requested to evaluate and upgrade, with shipment to Southwest Asia (Afghanistan), an Agilent GC/MS with MSD. The service engineer evaluated and reconditioned the instrument, including hardware and software upgrades as requested, and arranged for installation and post-installation service in coordination with an associate in Southwest Asia.