Contract Maintenance

See Capabilities for list of makes and models of mass spectrometry and chromatography instrumentation we regularly support. Contact Us

The life span of analytical instrumentation is a variable – it is not a fixed time frame. That’s why the quality of the maintenance conducted on it can make a big difference in its lifespan and proper operation.  Best practices can increase uptime and productivity, as well as increase instrument lifespan.

A good service engineer experienced with the nuances of mass spectrometry/chromatography techniques can add years to the life of an instrument, and that translates into considerable savings. We can help educate you on the proper care to extend the life of your instrumentation. We handle instrumentation from multiple OEMs – Agilent, AB/Sciex to Thermo, Waters and others. See Capabilities for a more extensive list.

You can trust Overbrook Support Services to conduct periodic maintenance (preventive maintenance or PM) because it’s money well spent.  For GLP and cGMP facilities, it’s prudent because of ongoing, random or scheduled regulatory agency audits, or internal audits.