Relocations/Moves & Installation

Moving sophisticated, analytical instrumentation is more than skids, boxes and duct tape, especially when expensive mass spectrometry instrumentation is concerned.

Relocation of a laboratory, in whole or in part —  across the hall or another side of the country —  involves  details, proven processes, planning and execution.  While no two relocations are alike, we do follow a proven protocol to ensure client satisfaction during the entire process.  Our Relocation services minimize errors and maximizes efficiency – during the move, during the shutdown and the re-start phases of the move.

Overbrook Support Services provides 4 levels of service:

  • Basic shut-down/re-start
  • Qualitative: doing test runs pre/post move, in addition to the shut down/re-start
  • Performance Verification: involves the previous two steps plus additional validation checks
  • Full Validation: involves all three previous steps but also a complete validation of all tests for the system

Relocation includes:

  • Initial exploratory stage / Scope of Work (SOW)
    • Relocation timeline
  • Preparation of inventory assets
    • Priority and critical assets identified
    • Placement in new space
    • Packing protocols
    • Site consideration with moves documented
  • Preparation of regulatory documentation (if required)
    • Benchmarks, Qualifications
    • Transfer packet (test data, inventory sheet, special instructions indicating unit is ready for transport)
  • Dis-assembly of instruments
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Re-installation
    • Benchmark and Re-Qualify (as specifically designated)
    • All peripheral items, data systems and consumables are set up and placed according to client’s pre-determined requirements

Relocation services enable labs to be up and running on time and on budget.


GLP/cGMP facilities have specific requirements, and Overbrook Support Services has taken this into account by developing standard operating procedures (SOP), pre-and post-install qualifications, and regulatory procedures.