RTI International

RTI International  (Research Triangle Park, NC) was awarded a research project from the  National Institutes of Justice, worth more than $300,000, which will evaluate the use of a new technology, called laser diode thermal desorption (LDTD), paired with mass spectrometry to analyze controlled substances and drugs routinely encountered in forensic toxicology laboratories.

The one-year project has the potential to help reduce the backlog of drug-related cases in forensic laboratories.  The technology has been shown to provide data comparable to traditional drug screening methods in less time and at a lower cost per sample.

“We hope that this advanced technology will produce results that are similar to what is currently being used in forensic laboratories, but in less time and with lower costs,” said Nicole Bynum, FTS-ABFT, a forensic scientist at RTZI and the project’s principal investigator.

RTI will partner with Phytronix Technologies, Inc.; Overbrook Scientific, Inc. and several forensic laboratories for instrumentation and method development consultation and to obtain access to archived case samples for analysis.