Overbrook Scientific

The Overbrook Scientific (OSI) operating group provides sales and product marketing services to drive sales performance, develop demand and build brand. Our people work with the manufacturer, executive and program staff, identifying and implementing best practices across the lifecycle of highly technical “disruptive technologies” suitable for laboratories.

Overbrook Scientific provides numerous professional services:

  • Strategic sales and market development plan
  • Refine and focus value proposition
  • Account-based marketing
  • Target marketing to remove revenue roadblocks
  • Business development and target marketing
  • Competitive intelligence including buyer research

Since our inception, we’ve identified and implemented proven practices for sales and marketing of highly technical “disruptive technologies” for laboratories in numerous industries. We’re dedicated to applying that experience to help other companies in the industry build their services and solutions business, to strengthen brand differentiation, and improve marketing and sales performance in the US.

It’s what we focus on. It’s what we do.