ArxLab Notebook

The ArxLab™ Notebook is the only cross-platform, browser-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution built to serve as an authoritative repository for Chemistry and Biology Data.  It is optimized for collaborative research, and for Chemistry workflows, fully integrated with the PerkinElmer ChemDraw ™ chemical drawing tool of choice.   The ArxLab Notebook was built to facilitate collaborative research and to provide Principal Investigators (PI) with a tool set that retains an integrated view of the activities underway and the data being reported to the research team.

ArxLab Notebook data is stored on a multiple redundant systems in a SSAE 16 certified data center.  It is 21 CFR Part II compliant of the version control feature and e-Signature workflow, and is compliant with established technology standards and regulatory requirements.  Significant to ArxLab Notebook is compliance with digital identity credentials based on industry standards used in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors to sign electronic documents and data files and to authenticate to online applications.