ArxLab Registration

The ArxLab Registration product is a web-based chemical registration solution built to serve as an authoritative repository for unique chemical entities, and is optimized for the collaborative research models ubiquitous in today’s commercial and academic research environments.  In addition to supporting all common chemical drawing formats, PerkinElmer ChemDraw ™ is fully integrated as the chemical drawing tool of choice.

With full support for salts, mixtures, formulations, tautomers and all types of isomers, ArxLab Registration leverages the proven ChemAxon platform to provide chemical intelligence functionality including chemical search, property calculations, and so on.

Key features include configurable:

  • Tautomeric and enantiomeric support
  • Compound and batch numbering
  • Mixtures and formulations
  • Salt support

ArxLab Registration is cleanly integrated into the Arxpan ™ product line for streamlined compound registration.  It is also readily integrated with other enterprise knowledge management systems. It runs on a SaaS hosting platform, and allows both external collaborators and internal staff to manage compound registrations without duplicating data or effort.