NQAD Aerosol Detector


Overbrook Scientific distributes and services the Shiseido NQAD, a new alternative in sensitive HPLC Detection. The NQAD or Nano Quantity Analyte Detector uses an innovative Water-based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) technology which allows it to see compounds not seen in UV and other similar technologies. The WCPC condenses water vapor onto particles and grows them to a size that can be detected individually using a laser-based optical sensor. One of the primary benefits of the NQAD is its sensitivity. Rather than measuring a cloud of particles, this instrument counts individual particle droplets. It is minimally affected by baseline drift, and pH levels have no effect on measurement accuracy. The Shiseido NQAD is a new HPLC detector demonstrating improved sensitivity and is well suited for analyzing non-volatile and semi-volatile analytes.